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Our Meeting in Print

Founded in 1944, the AA Grapevine® is the monthly, international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. Within its pages, AA members from around the world share their experience, strength, and hope.

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AA Grapevine Home Page Grapevine Home Page. Start here to explore.
AA Grapevine Current Issue Grapevine Magazine. Selections from the current issue.

AA Grapevine Archives

Grapevine Archives. All of the stories, interviews, and articles from previous issues (all the way back to 1944).

 AA Grapevine Subscriptions

Grapevine Subscriptions. Online ordering: subscriptions, renewals, gift subscriptions, books, CDs, tapes, and other products.

 AA Grapevine Catalog

Grapevine Catalog. Books, CDs, tapes, and other products.

AA Grapevine i-Say Forum

i-Say Online Forum. An "extension of our monthly meeting in print," forum content includes sharing on selected topics and on recent Grapevine articles.

Calendar of Events @ the AA Grapevine

Calendar of Events. AA events scheduled in the coming months in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world.

AA Grapevine Reps Information

Additional Information. Resources for Grapevine and La Viña Representatives.


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